Your story

Submission Details

Stories should be 1500-2500 words. Exceptions will be made depending on the substance of the work submitted.

All work submitted should be your own, original work based on your lived-experience with mental health. These stories can include your own difficulties, or how mental illness that close friends or family members have had on you. 

  • The effect that mental health has had on your relationships while you're in school. This could be on your family, friendships or romantic relationships. You can speak about your own experience, or how a loved one's struggle impacted you.


  • How mental health affected your school experience. Were your grades affected by your illness? How do you believe mental health impacted your post-secondary experience? 


  • The type of support, or lack thereof, that you received. What was available to you and what resources, if any, did you use? What was the quality of care that you received and what was your overall experience?


  • Your experience with mental health stigma. Were you treated differently by peers, professors and/ or your institution? 


  • Your experience with mental health struggles as a minority (ethnic, socioeconomic, etc.). Do you feel that this impacted your experience?


If your story doesn't fit the suggestions above, we still want to hear about your experience!  

Email your story and the request for permission form below to, and mail a signed copy (in ink) of the release form to:

MindfullyYou Contest c/o Toronto Pulse CPR

10 Four Seasons Drive #1000

Etobicoke, ON

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