In 2017, MindfullyYou launched a nation-wide writing project to collect stories from current (and recent graduate) Canadian post-secondary students who have struggled with their mental health, or have a diagnosed mental illness. We received submissions from brave students who attend college, university, and career colleges, from multiple provinces, of varying ethnic cultural backgrounds.

Mindfully You's founder is currently pulling these compelling stories and poems together in an anthology which hopes to demonstrate the struggles, triumphs, and overall experience that Canadians are currently experiencing with their mental health, while trying to fulfill their roles as students. The goals is to challenge the stigma associated with the student mental health crisis, to look for opportunities for communities, policy makers, and institutions to better support students before, during, and after post-secondary, and to encourage others who are struggling to seek help without shame.

Stories have a way of humanizing experiences that may be difficult for us to understand, and Mindfully You intends to show everyone who reads the anthology that although we may give those who are struggling various labels, there is only one label that defines each of us no matter what part of the mental health spectrum we are on - we are all human.

Please follow us on this journey as we complete the anthology. Updates will be posted here as they become available regarding the release of the book!